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Absolutely crappy weather today. Hope it clears up soon, since it'll suck if I have to walk on icy sidewalks and streets Monday morning.

Mom and Dad saw Valkyrie yesterday -- Dad liked it, Mom slept through most of it. They saw the trailer for the Wolverine movie before it. I am so jealous. Stupid Cox On Demand better get it soon.

History Channel is showing all Seven Deadly Sins on Sunday, starting at 1 PM Central. I've missed everything but Lust, so I'll definitely be there.

Resolutions still pending, but I do know what I'm giving up for Lent (which of course doesn't start until next month) -- swearing. I have a mouth like a sailor when I'm mad.

I've had a cold (or maybe a sinus infection) for the past week at least. Need to go to the doctor if it doesn't clear up soon, or if, God forbid, it gets worse. I don't need laryngitis or bronchitis right now, thanks.