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I keep forgetting to mention that in real life, prisoners in The Tower were given rooms according to their status. So, Sir Thomas Moore and Cardinal Fisher (sp) were most likely given very comfortable rooms, not nearly empty little cells. But then, the show doesn't get many historical details right.

Looks like Anne Boleyn is slowly losing her mind. And her liver. She's finally realizing that "if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you." Poor Katherine of Aragon. She had to hallucinate just to see her daughter again. I wonder if anyone's taken up her cause for sainthood. Cardinal Fisher's too. Is it me, or does Pope What's-His-Name (Paul? Leo?) sound somewhat insincere when he's supposed to sound grave? I guess it's Peter O'Toole's voice. Thank God Henry commuted Thomas's sentence to beheading -- drawing and quartering would've been awfully graphic, even for this show.

I'm convinced the real Henry VIII did not come from a very genetically sound male line. His sickly elder brother Prince Arthur died in his teens, as did Henry's two surviving sons, illegitimate Henry Fitzroy (not when he was 4, despite what this show claims) and Edward VI. Katherine and Anne both had several miscarriages and stillborns. I should look up how many of those stillborns were boys. I've heard that the Y chromosome is not as stable as the X, so more boys are miscarried. Mom and other nurses she's talked to all say that Caucasian males are more likely to be born premature and sickly ("whimpy white boys") and to die in infancy. I'm sure that it was even more likely in the Tudor Era.

Speaking of Edward VI, his mother Jane Seymour was finally introduced on the show. I think the actress is a little too pretty to play Jane, who I heard was on the plain side. She is the first blonde Henry ends up marrying. I don't think this Henry really has a "type" -- he'll bed any woman who's willing, it seems. Even married ones.

I can't wait till Season Three starts.

Today's Mark's birthday. He's having one party today with his kids and another on Sunday with the rest of us.

I finally have a chance to use the Scentsy wax-burner Bobby and Linds gave me for my birthday. Right now, it's burning pomegranate-scented wax. Mmm, one of my favorite scents.
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