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Ever notice that it's the days you need to do the most stuff that you end up goofing off all day?

I was supposed to clean my apartment yesterday. Instead, I watched the last three episodes of The Tudors Season Two and finished reading Be Still My Vampire Heart.

I can't help feeling sorry for Anne Boleyn. Yes, she was a scheming little homewrecker, but she wasn't guilty of the crimes she was charged with. She was simply inconvenient. I don't think Jane Seymour was Catholic, but she may have been a Catholic sympathiser. The actress is still too pretty. Speaking of being too pretty, the singer Joss Stone has been cast as Anne of Cleves. Huh? Some say Anne of Cleves was plain and her portrait (the image Henry VIII fell for) was inaccurate. Others say that she was pretty and simply didn't express enough interest in Henry. I guess Showtime is going with the latter. But can Joss, who I believe is a Brit, fake a German accent? It makes me wonder who'll play the last two wives, Catherine Howard (a flighty, flirty teenager) and Katherine Parr (who was already twice-widowed).

I'm glad (in a history geek sense) that they mentioned Henry's leg ulcer and showed him limping. I know Jonathan Rhys Meyers has said he won't wear a fat suit, but I'm wondering how far he's willing to go.

I can't believe Brandon started to stray from his wife (who's young, pretty, and adores him), but I'm glad he's trying to get back in her good graces. His son needs a haircut -- the kid looks like a male Shirley Temple. He never said who the kid's mother is. Are we to assume his mother was Princess Margaret? If so, this kid is Henry's nephew, but Henry never asks about him.

I'm glad Jane is trying to get Mary back in the line of succession. She wants her named heiress presumptive, which means any legitimate sons Henry has would be in line ahead of her. Since Elizabeth's now a bastard, she's not in line, but irl, Henry made her third in line in his will. I wasn't crazy about Mary's schadenfreude over Elizabeth's fall in status, but what can you expect when she experienced the same thing? I did like the little bit where Elizabeth (who's 3 or 4 by this time) overhears her nanny and one of the maids talk about how hard it was to be a married woman in those days. Not to mention her parents fighting right in front of her. No wonder she decides not to marry. That little actress looks a lot like a blonde Anne, btw. Such cute cheeks.

Yes, I got the part about Henry eating the swan -- they mate for life, so killing and eating one symbolizes Henry killing and disposing of his mate. Makes me wonder what swan tastes like. Chicken, probably. :-)

Can't wait for Season Three, but I think that's not until April. Showtime's site doesn't say.

Be Still My Vampire Heart ended well. I got All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire yesterday (as well as Night Huntress), but I'll re-read The Undead Next Door first.
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