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This summer (or even this spring if the weather's unseasonable), if I start complaining about the heat, somebody needs to remind me that winter's cold > summer's heat every single time. It was snowing when I walked home from work yesterday. Snow's really pretty to watch fall if you're snug and warm inside. Outside, it's little bits of freezing cold smacking you in the face over and over. The fact that I was so wearing the wrong shoes didn't help. In my defense, I thought the meteorologist said that it wouldn't start until 7. It started around 4.

If I ever win the lottery, I'm getting a winter home somewhere. Maybe Hawaii.

I want to finish Mater before the month's over. Heck, I want to finish it before the Inauguration, so I won't have to work on it while Barry's speechifying. Still haven't found a decent drinking game for it, though I did find a bunch for the last one. Maybe drinking games are more of a Democrat thing?

I really want to see Inkheart, but movie releases in January/February are usually signs that the studio doesn't have a lot of faith in it. I'll see what the reviewers say.