Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

We got another inch of snow early this morning. It had already stopped by the time I left. The snow on the sidewalks either muffled my footsteps or made it sound like I was walking on bubble wrap. Good times.

I've been thinking about what food to have for my mini Inauguration Party next Tuesday. Hot dogs and apple pie are a possibility -- very Americana. Or I could go with food as political commentary -- turkey, ham, bologna, and cheese sandwiches. I do know there'll be lots of chocolate to drown our sorrows in.

Saw some of the Golden Globes last night. Ralph lost both. :-( Heath Ledger took one (Best Supporting Actor in a Movie). I have to wonder if they would've even nominated him if he hadn't died. Ralph shaved his head and I can only hope it's for his role as Voldemort. I didn't see the red carpet arrivals, so I don't know if he had a date or not. I do know he sat next to his Bernard & Doris costar, Susan Sarandon all night. I assume Tim Robbins was on her other side.
Tags: crushes, politics, snow
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