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My brains, let me show you them.

My external brain is what I call my DayRunner. It has a faux red alligator leather cover, which means I have a hard time losing it, especially in my purse. It's black on the inside, which makes it feel more professional, or something. Inside are the 2009 months at a glance and a lot of lined notepaper. Each single side of the notepaper is dated, and about half of them have the day's To Do list started. Yeah, I have a basic To Do list. Below the list, I write the week's weather I get from WOWT on the mornings I work. I'm anal to the point of being borderline OCD, if you haven't figured that out already. The dates go up to Wednesday, July 15 of this year. I tear each page out when I'm done with both sides, so it'll take a while for there to be enough room to get more notepaper. Thankfully, Office Depot is not far. If I ever lose this thing for more than a few hours, I'd go stark raving bonkers. It keeps me sane. Well, saner.

"Broken Bird" was the title of the episode, and I thought that went well with the plot. Did not like seeing the knife through Ducky's hand. I've got a thing about seeing hands hurt. I really didn't like that scene in Braveheart where one guy's hand is chopped off. Anyway, I'm convinced that Jordan (didn't catch her last name) is going to be on the rumored spin-off. She's pretty, though I'd suggest she do something more with her hair. I wonder what is her history with Ducky. Oh, it's interesting that Mrs. Mallard has Alzheimer's, since I thought she was just senile. Poor Ducky, this means that at some point, she'll no longer recognize him. That Trent guy we met during the La Granuille (sp) story arc. He is hot. I hope he's on the spin-off too, 'cause I'd love to spend an hour with him every week. I'm dying to know what's in the Vance envelope. I knew whatever he shredded from his file at the end of Season 5 was Bad. $5 says he'll be either dead or in jail by the end of this season (if not next). I hated seeing Ducky cry, but I'm glad to know he only overdosed that young man to save him. Am I the only one who thinks Ducky needs a girlfriend?

Oh, the NCIS soundtrack is going right on my Amazon wishlist.

Like the new icon? It's by mandydaxicons, and it so represents my feelings toward the current season.