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Happy Ides, Everybody!

Write something.
I have plenty of ideas in my head, but don't yet have enough motivation. Which, really, is the story of my writing life. Of course, once I do get the motivation, it's usually not enough to keep me on one story long, since everything I'm not working on seems more and more interesting. Have I mentioned that I'm borderline ADD?

Exercise regularly.
Um, yeah. Failing big time at this. But I do plan to do better next week.

Spend less.
So far, successful. Haven't paid full price for anything on Amazon yet. I keep adding stuff to my wishlist instead of pre-ordering (like U2's new CD and Yasmine Galenorn's Demon Mistress), so I guess this means there'll be more choices for people come December. I didn't order any BPAL Yules (though I am thinking of getting one or two Lupercalias before they disappear).

Post every day.
Currently successful. Right now, the only thing that would keep me from this would be a power failure.

When I woke up this morning, it was -13° with a windchill of -23°. By around 6 AM, it had gone down to -15°. I decided to call in sick. I'm losing my yearly battle with my sinuses, so it's not just the weather. It's supposed to be in the 20's tomorrow, 30's this weekend, and 40's next week. Thank God.

I'm currently taking a break from David Starkey's Monarchy Vol. I (just finished watching Fall of Rome - Henry VII) and working on Mater. I'll start again when I'm done poking around the Internet.