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Flippin' 4° above this morning. At least it's warmer than it was yesterday. Snowing too. Only 1/4 of an inch, but still. Cold. But the newly-fallen snow sparkled very prettily under the streetlights.

So it's about Tara, a married woman with two teenagers who has Multiple-Personality Disorder. We met two of her "alters" -- T, a teenage girl who likes to "borrow" Tara's daughter's clothes and Buck, a male truck-driver (I'm guessing here) who likes to go to the shooting range with Tara's husband and son. Each alter has their own clothes and accessories. Tara even keeps Buck's glasses and cigs in the glove compartment of her truck. They mentioned a third, Alice. I assume she's the 50's housewife in the print ads. The alters come out when Tara is under stress. Apparently, she was on medication, but it deadened her emotions. So now everybody's dealing fairly well with it except her sister (who was totally coming on to Tara's husband) even though she grew up with Tara and her disorder. Unfortunately, the show is only half an hour -- another half would've meant more plot beyond just introducing everyone.