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Mom and I watched Barry get sworn in today. Loved the quartet and "'Tis a Gift to be Simple." Note to self: Get a Yo-Yo Ma CD on your Amazon wishlist ASAP. Love me some cello. Barry's inaugural speech was good but not great. It reflected the zeitgeist, but unfortunately the current zeitgeist isn't very inspiring. Liked Michelle's outfit. And the girls were adorable.

We finally meet Alice, who's a cross between Martha Stewart and Emily Post.

On acid.

I get the feeling that Tara's husband Max likes Alice the least of the alters. Daughter Kate naturally can't stand her. I don't think Marshall is comfortable around her, but then he's not comfortable around any of the alters. Charmaine (Tara's sister) is a vitamin saleswoman and I think her grip on sanity might not be as strong as she likes to pretend. I still wish the show was an hour long. I love that Tara has to have a family summit just to figure out what the alters did and that she describes her disease as a kegger in her head but she's passed out cold the whole time. Perfect.