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A maintenance guy came in the morning while I was at work. He removed the saturated carpet pad then set up this blower thing to dry the carpet from underneath and turned on my dining room ceiling fan to dry it from above. The blower makes my bathroom area look like the set of Tremors. His note said to leave it on all day. When I got home from work, it was still running. I turned it off before I went to bed (damn, it's loud).

I spoke to the assistant manager. She said the problem was in the apartment two floors above mine. Apparently, the second-floor apartment had even more damage than mine. I should feel bad for being so whiny since someone else is worse off, but I don't. I'd love to wring the neck of the person on the third floor, but I figure that the only thing that could cause this much damage in my bathroom and more in the second-floor apartment's bathroom would be a broken pipe, so it's not actually their fault.

However, if I find out that it is, baby, it's on.

The carpet is dry except for the part that still has the damp pad beneath it. Yeah, the maintenance guys missed a spot. Who's surprised? The mildew smell was mostly gone until I turned the blower back on. I bought some Arm & Hammer carpet cleaner at Baker's today, so I'll use that once they get the carpet nailed down again, which is supposed to be tomorrow.

Hell, it had better be tomorrow.

In other news, I'm down to my last cup of CS Country Peach Passion tea. Store exclusives (this one's only at Wal-Mart) make no sense to me. I did get plenty of chocolate at Baker's, since my stress levels are relatively high this week. Those premium M&M's are good but expensive. Also bought an Endangered Species Chocolate bar since it had a black leopard on the label. The label says it's "extreme dark chocolate" with 88% cocoa content. Hell, that stuff is frickin' black chocolate. Not bad (I have never had truly bad chocolate), but not for me.

Also, I caved and bought the hardcover of The Battle of the Labyrinth (Book 4 of "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"). Hey, it was $4.99 (cover price $17.99), and I can sell it to Half-Price Books when the paperback comes out. But I'm saving it for later. Read some more of All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire. Hopefully, I'll finish that today or tomorrow.