Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

Well, I've succumbed -- I joined Twitter. My tweets will be posted here once a day, but fear not, I'll still do regular lj posts.

I've run out of some colors for Mater (yes, I went back to working on him), so I'm thinking of taking a walk to the great and glorious (not to mention over-priced) Michael's tomorrow. The question is, can I restrain myself to only buying floss when confronted by a whole store of crafty-type things? Even money says no.

I've decided that "using the treadmill regularly" means "weekdays except Tuesdays unless I get off work early that day." I walked 1.25 miles yesterday and since I get off at 3 today, the plan for this afternoon is 1.5 miles.

I've been re-reading "Blogging the Bible" at Slate.com lately. David Plotz is hilarious.
Tags: crafts, resolutions
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