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I decided that I don't really need to re-read all of Yasmine Galenorn's Sisters of the Moon/Otherworld series, I just needed to re-read Dragon Wytch, which I started yesterday.

I think the writers are turning shippy. I could see hints of Cal/Gillian and Cal/Ria (not at the same time -- get your minds out of the gutter). Or maybe it's just me who's shippy. Anyway, it was a good episode, what with the whole bridal party lying to each other. Though, I really have to take the writers to task on the attempted self-immolation -- I seriously doubt you could do enough damage to yourself with less than 20 oz of gasoline. I'm guessing the "Gillian's husband is a lying cheat and she's ignoring the signs" arc will come to a head just in time for the May sweeps. Well, if the show lasts that long.