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Mar. 12th, 2009

I keep forgetting to do this, so here you go.

Lil Kim & Derek (girl can shake it! and great shout-out to inmates)
Steve-O & Lacey (image rehab is a good thing)
Gilles & Cheryl (unknown boy can move, must watch SiTC movie)
Ty & Chelsie (nervous, but adorably so)
Shawn & Mark (waltzing to "It Is You I Have Loved" kicks ass!)
Holly & Dmitri (Playboy Playmate is a good substitute)
Melissa & Tony (not bad for 2 days)

Didn't Like
Belinda & Jonathan (Botox much?)
Lawrence & Edyta (no personality)
Chuck & Julianne (perfection somehow left me cold)
Steve W & Karina (nervous, though he did have fun)
DAG & Kym (stop making faces!)
Denise & Maks (all limbs and no grace)