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Went to Michael's today. It's only as far as Baker's, but in the opposite direction. Got a mermaid counted cross-stitch kit for Breanna and a Madonna and Child kit for Mom. Started on the mermaid. It's small, so it shouldn't take me long.

Interesting second week for Dancing With The Stars. Between Steve-O hurting his back and Steve W breaking his foot, that's two more reasons why I think someone at ABC pissed off a witch doctor. Glad Belinda went home. I'm hoping Denise goes next, but I get the feeling it'll be Steve W.

Tonight's Lie To Me was good. Hated the siblings' mother. She could've been a little more helpful. It's kinda funny that the ambassador was persuaded simply by the idea of a state dinner in his honor. Hello, ego. I'm more and more convinced that Cal is in love with Foster but since she's married (though probably not for much longer), he can't do anything about it.