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Forgot to mention that I saw Cupid v2.0 on Tuesday. Love the new Trevor, hate the new Claire. I find the character an annoying shrew, and I don't think the actress is pretty. Maybe that's shallow of me, but I don't care. Love the twist on Trevor's first successful couple.

This week's DWTS was very gratifying. I know Steve Wozniak and Holly were trying, they just don't have enough ability. I'm betting Steve-O will go next week unless his fans rally. Then maybe LT or DAG.

Last night's Lie to Me was good. Amazingly, there was nothing about Gillian's cheating hubby this week. We did find out about what got Cal into lie detection. And Loker lying to Gillian? Boy is so getting his ass fired before the month's over. But cool that he took a "sedative" (I think he meant "muscle relaxer") so that he could get away with it.