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TV this week

I'm so glad Ty's staying and Chuck got chucked. I'll be honest, I don't think Ty's good enough to win on talent alone, but that's what fans are for. I really hope Mayo wins the pro competition -- it'd be nice to have a Standard champion among all the Latin ones.

I'll definitely give the spin-off a chance, but I'm betting LL Cool J's character's (I didn't catch most of the names) video gizmo that McGee was drooling over won't last long. It's like all the character does is move videos around. Loved Chris O'Donnell's character. Glad he looks up to Gibbs -- I'm guessing he'll be that show's Tony. The blonde guy with the glasses is cute too. Not crazy about Mason (?). I'm not crazy about her personality. Of course, the fact that she and Gibbs have some sort of history (no, I don't think he cheated on Shannon) and rub each other the wrong way now doesn't help. The team psychologist seems like he'll be the character to watch. Looks like the tables have turned -- Tony's really into Ziva's personal life, like she was when he was "dating" Jeanne.

I think I forgot to mention last week that I was shocked Cal slept with his ex-wife. Anyway, I'm glad Loker got his ass kicked for lying then getting Ria to cover for him. Yay!