Tara (ravenclawed) wrote,

TV this week

This may sound mean and fickle, but I'm glad Ty's gone. He's a sweet guy, a good sport, and a hard worker, but he's not a good enough dancer for the finals, and to me, the winner of this show should be the best dancer. I'm going to call next Tuesday's finale -- Shawn third, Melissa second, Gilles first. If the order's different at all, I'll be very, very surprised.

Last night's episode was good. Gibbs mentioned that Chris O'Donnell's character did survive the shooting but he's in critical. I knew he wasn't dead! I hope he lives, 'cause his character's the best one of the LA folks. Glad Tony and Ziva survived, but the teaser said that someone's not coming back from next week's trip to Israel. I'm going to assume that they all survive and Ziva will choose not to go back to DC. (If that's so, I'm hoping she'll pull a Gibbs and come back next season.) If someone on Gibbs' team dies, I'll seriously consider giving up on this show. Glad to see Fornell again. And I swear I've seen the actress playing that ICE agent (or whatever she was) again. I don't think it was the same actress who played Grace on Valentine, but I could be wrong.

Lie To Me season finale tonight! Please, please, please renew this show, FOX. And if not, at least put this season on DVD.
Tags: dwts, ncis
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