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Long time, no see.

Yeah, I know. I've been too busy lately to post anything. But here's a few things from the last few weeks.

I took Mom to Wicked on May 24. I'd never seen it before (or read the original book) but firelion gave me the soundtrack CD, so I had some idea of what to expect. In the programs were added notes saying the roles of Elphaba, Glinda, and Boq were being played by the understudies. I kept wondering what the odds were that both main actresses would be out at the same time. I came to the conclusion that only one of them was really sick and the other didn't want to sing the duets without her, so they both called in. I'm not saying that the stand-ins were bad (Elphaba especially was great), but it would've been nice to hear the actresses described in the local newspaper's review. Anyway, my favorite set piece was the clockwork dragon that hung above the stage the whole show. Because of where I was sitting (on the floor all the way to the left as you're facing the stage), it looked like the dragon's right eye was looking right at me. During certain scenes, the dragon's eyes lit up, he moved, and blew "smoke." Too frickin' cool! The music was great (Why isn't "The Wicked Witch of the East" on the CD?), the clothes were really good (esp. Glinda's gowns but not Elphaba's fancy one), but I couldn't see much of the backdrop because of where we were sitting. Next time I'm dying to see a big Broadway musical here, I'm going to pony up for the best seats I can afford. The cast was good but like I said, Elphaba really stood out. Oh, when Fiyero came on the scene, I saw how good-looking the actor was and thought, "You go, Elphaba!" Heard the actor was in The Phantom of the Opera musical, though I have no idea which part. Anyway, Mom loved it -- she said it was gorgeous and she loved the story. If it ever comes back, I'd definitely see it again. Oh, I got the souvenir program ($20 is such a rip-off) and Elphaba's necklace with her black witch's hat.

Glad Shawn Johnson won DWtS. I gave her all 15 of my online votes since I thought she had the best Freestyle. I kept expecting Gilles to win and Melissa to come in second. When they said Melissa came in third, I knew that Gilles had a fight on his hands.

Er, yeah. Ziva getting kidnapped and beat to hell just 'cause some terrorist wants to know about NCIS? Seriously? It's not like we're talking about the CIA here. I kept telling Mom and Dad that Ziva'll probably be back for the February sweeps since it's rumored that Cote's pregnant. At least she didn't leave all together (I'm looking at you, Sasha). Ziva and Tony's relationship will never be the same, but seriously, Rivkin was a jerk, Tony's much better for her. Vance and his little conspiracy he's got going with Eli David? $5 says Gibbs will eliminate Vance before Season 7's over, one way or another. And if that way somehow involves my favorite spook Trent Cort, I'd be even happier. :-)

Still working on firelion's birthday present, but if I don't make real progress soon, this'll have to be her Christmas present instead.