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Productive cat is productive.

I finished Melissa's birthday present! Now I just have to get it mailed out. I've already started on Tinkerbelle for BB's birthday.

To celebrate Mom & Dad's anniversary, they took me, Bobby, Linds, Breanna, and Mark to Red Lobster for lunch yesterday. (Reilly was with Linds' dad.) Good food, good conversation. Then, I went with Bobby, Linds, and Breezy to the mall -- Linds still needed shoes for herself and BB for Leigh Erin's wedding this Saturday. We tried about half a dozen stores but no dice. I was both good and bad during this trip -- I didn't spend anything beyond 25¢ so that Breanna could get candy, but I didn't get the Slytherin pendant I admired at Hot Topic. :-(

Am reading a new book I borrowed from a coworker -- First You Run by Roxanne St. Claire. I'm on Ch 5. So far, so good.