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coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee Yeah, somebody's caffinated. :-) I'm drinking a blend of Kona Chocolate Candy Cane and Kona Frosted Mint Chocolate Chip, heavy on Coffeemate and sugar. Anyone who drinks their coffee black with no sugar has my unending respect. And fear.

Discovery Channel's "Shark Week" starts tonight. Woo! You gotta respect/fear an animal that starts out life by killing its siblings before it's even born. And you gotta love Discovery Channel for bringing us this animal every summer for 22 years now.

GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra starts Friday. Mark and I have been planning to see this since we heard it was coming out. Being children of the '80s, he and I (and Bobby) watched that cartoon religiously. I, of course, liked seeing all the token girl JOEs (Jinx was my fav). Mark's favorites were, and still are, the ninjas -- Snake Eyes and Stormshadow. And those are the two main reasons why he wants to see this movie. Even without being a die-hard fan, I figure there has to be enough kick-ass visuals to warrant going.

I finished Tinkerbelle last week. I just need to get it framed and send it to Bobby and Linds. (Or maybe I'll send it unframed (less chance of damage) and they can frame it. Must ask Linds.) I'm working on a small one of a geisha holding a parasol right now. I haven't decided if I'll keep this one (there's falling leaves in it, so it'll work in my Autumn-themed living room) or if I'll donate it to my church's yearly dinner/auction fundraiser (which'll be in February).

I also finished Wicked is the Night. Good book. I may have to hunt down more by that author. I'm currently reading a full moon-themed anthology that came out in '05. I know one of my resolutions was to update my lj daily, but I think weekly is more realistic right now -- I'm just not online every day.

Speaking of books, one of my online acquaintances, seanan_mcguire/cadhla, has her first novel coming out Sep 1. It's called Rosemary and Rue and she describes it as "urban fantasy, straight up, with a noir shaker and a twist of lime. (The lime is cursed, but that's beside the point.)" I've been a fan of both her journals for a while now, and I love her writing style, so of course I pre-ordered the book on Amazon as soon as it was available. She's even posted a sample of the book at her website. Go. Order. You won't be disappointed.
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