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Yeah, this is the one I had to fast 12 hours for.

Test: My Measurements (Desirable Level) "Comments"
Total Cholesterol: 175 mg/dl (below 200 mg/dl) "Desirable"
HDL (good) Cholesterol: 55 mg/dl (at or above 50 mg/dl) "Good"
LDL (bad) Cholesterol: 80 mg/dl (at or below 100 mg/dl) "Optimal"
TC/HDL Ratio: 3.2 (below 4.0) "Good to ideal"
Triglycerides: 100 mg/dl (below 150 mg/dl) "Normal"
Glucose: 80 mg/dl (fasting: 70-99 mg/dl) "Normal"
Blood Pressure: 105/75 mm Hg (Systolic below 120, diastolic below 80) "Normal"
Body Mass Index (BMI) 32.90 (at or greater than 18.5 and below 25) "Obese"

Well, I already knew I'm obese. I think my blood pressure has gone down since last year (I think it said I was prehypertension last time). What surprised me was the Glucose level, since I've been worried I might develop diabetes. So, all things considered, I'm fat but relatively healthy. :-)

Started reading Then You Hide, the second book of Roxanne St. Claire's "Bullet Catcher" trilogy. Good so far.