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I do plan on doing a proper Christmas entry tomorrow.

But for now, my father and I are debating over who's the better Holmes. I say Jeremy Brett (the Holmes in my icon), he says Basil Rathbone. Brett's TV episodes have been called the closest to the canon. Rathbone's movies were war propaganda -- they moved Holmes from Victorian England to WWII England. I can understand the reason -- having Britian's greatest fictional detective fighting Nazis probably helped morale, but it's a travesty to the canon. Some of the movies were apparently very loosely based on the canon. I've only seen one (what they renamed it escapes me) that took the code from "The Dancing Men," but that's all they took. I imagine Doyle would have appreciated the filmmakers' motive, but not the means. TCM's showing some of Basil's movies right now. Matt Frewer's Holmes was very vain and egotistical, at times to a rather silly degree. Still, he wasn't bad. I seriously doubt RDJ can compete with Jeremy, but I hope he's better than Matt.