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Birthday/Christmas haul!

A very pretty beaded flower pin in shades of purple with a purple gem in the center. (I wore it on my cranberry-colored jacket to Midnight Mass and it looked fab.)

Mom and Dad
A heavy winter coat with a faux fur-trimmed hood. (I so needed this since my old coat was both too big and not warm enough.)

New Cabela's slippers (The old pair lasted about two years. I'm very hard on my footwear.)

A box of Belgian chocolate seashells. (My fav! If someone wanted to get me to do something, a box of those is a good way to win me over.)

Clare and Francis DVD. (It's an Italian-made movie (I suspect it's dubbed in English) about the patron saint of television and the patron saint of animals. I didn't ask for it, but Mom thought I'd like it.)

Burn Notice Season 2 DVD (I have to watch Season 1 again before I see this. I love Michael -- he brings the attitude.)

NCIS soundtrack vol 1 CD (I love the show and I love the music on the show, so this one's a no-brainer.)

A lighted mirror compact (Mom's hint that I need to pay more attention to my face.)

A teal Kirk's Folly beaded necklace. (I had the bracelet already. Great color and one of my fav jewelry companies.)

Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow by Emma Rutherford. (Heavy, heavy coffee-table book about one of my favorite art forms.)

Two goats for my Nativity set. (I think the animals might outnumber the people now, but they're cute.)

Aunt ¢ and family
"And Winter Came" CD, Enya. (Love her music and of course I had to get her Christmas CD.)

"A Very Special Christmas 7" CD, Various. (A charity Christmas CD. I want to collect all of them.)

"I Dreamed A Dream" CD, Susan Boyle. (Love "I Dreamed A Dream," "Wild Horses," and especially "You'll See.")

Pride and Prejudice Marvel Comic Book by Jane Austen, Nancy Butler, and Hugo Petrus. (Kicks total ass except for a few facial expressions. Read it in one day.)


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Dec. 29th, 2009 12:40 am (UTC)
squee! I am so happy you got it! I worked SO HARD on it, you have no idea, it was all crazy. I had a second thing I wanted to make you but wow, that flower came down to the wire, it was EVIL and then turned out so gorgeous I want one for myself. It has a title by the way. "Persephone's Dahlia"
Dec. 29th, 2009 04:53 am (UTC)
I love that name! It so fits!
Jan. 1st, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)

I noticed you had Kindred: The Embraced listed as one of your interests and decided to drop you a quick line to extend an invitation to join a community I created for C. Thomas Howell's fans. I hope to add more information in the near future and get the community going by gathering fans/members and getting discussions/posts going.

If you're interested, it can be found at:

Thanks for your time!
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