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While I was at Baker's Sunday, I was surprised to see Cadbury's various egg candy. Valentine's Day candy I expected (and believe me, there was plenty of it), but not candy for a holiday that isn't until April.

It's time I finally do this year's resolutions.

In 2010, I resolve to:
Exercise more. I'm thinking treadmill time every other day or so.

Spend less. With the exception of the stuff I pre-ordered in 2009, I'm not buying any books, DVDs, or CDs this year. I'll probably break this once since Book 3 of Seanan McGuire's "October Daye" series comes out in September, but I don't think anything else is so important that it can't wait until someone gives it to me for Christmas/birthday.

Write more. I still have cross-stitch projects to finish, but I also want to get back to writing.