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Jan. 17th, 2010

It turns out I actually do have self-control -- I managed to get a birthday gift for Dad from Amazon without throwing something for me in my shopping cart. Have I mentioned my Amazon wishlist is around 230 items? Thankfully, it doesn't cost anything to windowshop.

The Golden Globes is on tonight. Julie & Julia is nominated for Best Comedy or Musical and Meryl Streep is nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical (she's competing against herself for It's Complicated). Having finally seen the entire movie (I like the movie as a whole, but the Julia Child half is better than the Julie Powell half), I really hope it wins both awards. I put Julia Child's My Life in France on my wishlist last night.

I can't wait for DWtS to start up again. I really hope there are more stars I'm familiar with this season.