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Jan. 19th, 2010

Saw Sherlock Holmes with Mom and Dad last night. I'm the one who really wanted to see it, they decided to come with.

Let's start by saying RDJ's accent was perfectly fine. Of course, I'm saying this as a born and raised speaker of American English. An actual Brittish English speaker might argue with me. Anyway, RDJ definitely earned his Golden Globe. While not the most authentic Sherlock (that title is still held by Jeremy Brett), he's definitely got the "overgrown teenager" aspect of Holmes' personality down -- no 9-5 job, no spouse or children, blithely ignores Watson's demands that Holmes respect his stuff, and not too concerned with his personal appearance. And he's got the boxing, martial arts, and singlestick (sp) skills that most Sherlocks have lacked. He's definitely not a proper Victorian gentleman, and I got the sense that he would never want to be. Yes, he does play the violin, but he mostly picks at it. And yes, he does smoke a pipe. No, you don't see him use cocaine, though Mom thinks it's alluded to. I'd have to see the movie again to decide.

Honestly, I think Jude Law's Watson would have to be as close to the Canon as one can get. He perfectly balances out Holmes. Rachel McAdams' Irene Adler is also a perfect romantic interest/foil for Holmes.

Now for where the movie diverts from the Canon. In the movie, Holmes doesn't meet Mary Morstan until Watson and Mary are getting married. In the Canon, Holmes and Watson met Mary at the same time -- when she came to them in The Sign of Four. In the movie, Irene is a career criminal and someone Holmes has run into more than once. In the Canon, Irene blackmailed the King of Bohemia in A Scandal in Bohemia, then presumably lived happily ever after with her new husband, since we never hear from her again. At least she's an American (not Polish, as one of the Matt Frewer movies made her out to be). But no mention of her being an opera singer.

Oh, I just found out on IMDB that the actress who plays Mary Morstan is the same actress who played Miss Bingley in the Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice.

Anyway, the movie's good. I'd give it 3 out of 4 stars (it would've gotten 4 if they had stayed with the Canon), and I can't wait to have the movie and the soundtrack.

I need a non-actor-specific Holmes icon.


Jan. 20th, 2010 01:43 pm (UTC)
My worry was the emphasis on the ~supernatural~ elements like the crow

I spent most of the movie wondering if that was a raven or a crow. Towards the end, I finally settled on it being a crow, simply because the collective term for ravens is "unkindness," while the collective term for crows is "murder." :-)

I was afraid they wouldn't adequately explain everything scientifically, but leave something hanging, all "what if it was truuuue?"

I am so happy that didn't happen.

Me too. It wouldn't have been a true "Sherlock Holmes" story if there had been any real supernatural elements in it.