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So I didn't get to see all of Barry's speech last night (I lost my own drinking game -- had a potty emergency at 8:43 Central), but I liked most of what I heard. Especially taking the $30 billion the banks paid back and giving it to other banks to finance small business credit. I noticed the guys I assumed were the Joint Chiefs of Staff not applauding when Barry said he would end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I get the feeling it was military decorum that kept them from reacting, but maybe they truly weren't happy about it.

I saw Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li the other day. When a pro-wrestling fan (someone used to fake fighting) says most of the action scenes are bad, you know the movie is not good. Of course, Neal McDonough can do no wrong *dreamy sigh*. And it was good to see Robin Shou again. Can someone explain why Bison, who's supposed to have no good left in him, was still able to love his late wife and daughter? Anyone? And where was Chun-Li's blue outfit? You know, the one she wore in the video game? I think Kristin Kreuk wore it in the poster. Despite the sequel set up at the end of the movie, I seriously doubt it'll happen -- movies that get only 4% good reviews at Rotten Tomatoes don't get sequels.

I've re-read Books 1 and 3 of the "Love at Stake" series and am now re-reading Book 4, The Undead Next Door. At this rate, I might actually finish re-reading the series before the latest one comes out in early March.
Tags: books, crushes, movie reviews, politics
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