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How am I doing on this year's resolutions?

Let's take a look.

Exercise more. Nope, haven't touched the treadmill yet this year. Maybe by the end of this week I'll actually get on it.

Spend less. With the exception of the stuff I pre-ordered in 2009, I'm not buying any books, DVDs, or CDs this year. So far, so good. Be proud of me -- I didn't buy one of the books from my Amazon wishlist that I saw at Baker's today. When I made this resoultion in January, I didn't have any specific reason beyond "I want to end 2010 with more money." Now, I actually have a reason to save -- WWE is coming out with its own comic book series, and I wanna subscribe. $42.99 for 12 issues. That's about $3.58 an issue. The first issue comes out late March, so I have time to save up. I'm kinda hoping Mom and Dad will ask me what I want for Easter -- if they do, I'll ask for the subscription. Otherwise, I'll buy it myself.

Write more. I have a bunch of (old) ideas swimming around my head, but none of them motivate me enough to actually start writing. Maybe I'll look through my copy of The Writer's Block and see if that gives me any ideas. After the idea comes the follow-through, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.