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Finally finished re-reading The Undead Next Door (I was busy) and am now re-reading All I Want For Christmas Is A Vampire.

Weather permitting, I'll be seeing Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief next weekend with a fellow choirmember.

Glad the Saints won, glad there were a few good commercials and trailers. Rumor has it there might be an NFL strike, so we might not get a Super Bowl next year.

I've been following the Bret Hart drama on RAW lately. This has been going on for what, a month and a half now? I admit it, I wasn't a Bret Hart fan when he was still in the WWF/WWE (too arrogant and I hated his hair), but I have sympathy for him now. Of course, I'm sure most if not all of this drama is strictly on-camera, so I'm really hoping this is a set up for something big. My ideal scenario would be Bret comes back as a color commentator for RAW, but I seriously doubt that'll happen. Tonight's guest host is a racecar driver I've never heard of (can you tell I don't follow that sport at all?), but there should be more developments in the drama, so of course I'll watch.

We got more snow over the weekend, and the temp is currently in the single digits. I. Am. So. Sick. Of. Snow.
Tags: books, snow, wwe
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