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Happy Birthday, Linds!

It's only late February and I've managed to break one of my New Year's resolutions -- I bought a book yesterday. The Independence of Miss Mary Bennet by Colleen McCullough. Yes, it's a Pride and Prejudice fanfic pastiche. I haven't started reading it yet (you don't want to know how big my to-read list is), but I'm hoping it's at least as good as the best fanfics at The Derbyshire Writer's Guild's Epilogue Abbey. At least the book was on sale -- $5.97 instead of $7.99.

Three tags for one paragraph. I think that's a new record for me.

The other day, I read Peggy Webb's Warrior's Embrace in one sitting. Now I have to find the sequel, Gray Wolf's Woman. Both books came out ten years ago, so I think my best bet is Half-Price Books. (I found Gray Wolf's Woman used on Amazon, but I want to try Half-Price Books first.) I love reading books from years ago and marveling at how much technology has changed.

The new cast of Dancing With The Stars will be announced tomorrow night during the Bachelor season finale. I heard Pamela Anderson already confirmed. Unless she's a really good dancer, I'm not voting for her.