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I am finally a full-fledged member of the coffee-drinking world -- I now have my own coffeemaker. Mom and Dad gave me a little four-cup machine last night during Justice's birthday party. Wow, the coffeepot itself is really small, but I can get two large mugs of coffee from one pot, so I'm satisfied. This morning, I had one pot of cinnamon coffee (regular) then one pot of caramel truffle coffee (decaf). I've decided non-instant coffee takes too long, so I'll only drink it on my days off. There's just no way I can squeeze any more time into my workday morning routine.

Got my copy of The Vampire and the Virgin this morning. I'm on Chapter 6 right now (I've only been reading it a couple of hours) and so far, so great.

Saw a huge flock of geese flying this morning while I was out shopping. There must've been at least two dozen birds in the V, a few of them honking at the lead goose to keep its spirits up (at least, that's what corporate managers would have us believe).