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I think I mentioned that I actually got a significant tax refund this year. Well, I got over $600.00! Since I doubt this'll ever happen again, I'm going to revel in this knowledge a while.

I called the company that sells the WWE Comics subscriptions, ExpressMag. As it turns out, they didn't actually receive my order, probably because their site has been down for a while. No, I didn't tell the rep that the site's down -- if they don't know it already, they're idiots who are probably wondering why they haven't received any new orders lately. Do yourself a favor, don't order any subscriptions from them. So, I'm going to walk over to the local comic bookstore later today and get it. I was hoping to avoid this exact scenario 'cause the comics line goes for a year, and I don't want to have to walk to the store when the weather's bad. :-( If I'm scarce the next couple of days, Undertaker in comic book form is why.

Despite the "permanent filter" in my coffeemaker, I was still getting coffee dust in my cup, so I bought some paper filters. The package says it gets rid of the oil. The package lies. But no dust, so I'm happy. And it'll be a lot easier to clean out the coffee grounds.

My apartment building is non-smoking. That doesn't seem to stop some of my neighbors -- I keep smelling cigarettes in the hallway, and the smell creeps into my apartment. Have I mentioned that I'm allergic to cigarette smoke? I also suspect someone in the building has a dog, something else that's not allowed. I'm going to talk to the apartment manager today or tomorrow.