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Okay, so it didn't take me long to read it. I'm not going to go into detail, so I'll just list what I liked and didn't.

The Good
Undertaker and his brother Kane's Hell in a Cell match interspersed with the Firstborn and his brother the Shadow King's original brawl.

Batista and Orton still have hair!

Batista's still a face!

The Firstborn is reborn as King Arthur and the Shadow King as Mordred.

Taker rolling his eyes heavenward as he tells Edge to rest in peace. On TV, all we can see when he does that is the sclera, so this was a nice touch.

Speaking of Edge, it's good to see him in the ring since irl, he was out for several months with an injury -- I'm glad the writer didn't forget about him.

Snippets of JR and Jerry's commentary, even though they haven't been on the same show irl in about a year. And JR hasn't been on either show in months.

They didn't forget Triple H's geyser imitation (I forget what he actually calls it) that he does whenever he enters the ring for a match. What can I say, it's the little details that count.

The Bad
The Shadow King's disfigurement looks almost exactly like Harvey Dent's from The Dark Night. I'm not saying that's necessarily bad, just unoriginal.

The artist didn't even bother with the Superstars' tattoos. That might not seem like a big deal, but there are a couple of panels where it's hard to tell who's who. Tattoos would've helped.

Also, it looks like the artist gave most of the Superstars the same physique and simply changed heads and (sometimes) clothes. Believe me, they're not interchangeable. (You can tell I've spent too much time staring at these half-naked men.)

The artist isn't very good at keeping major plot points a secret -- it's pretty obvious that Triple H is the Firstborn -- he's dead center on both the A and B covers of Issue #1 and Issue #2. The A cover of Issue #2 even has Triple H in someone's crosshairs.

The Ugly
Um, yeah, an evil "Church of the Shadow King" (or whatever they're calling it) that is an obvious mimic of the Catholic Church? Not cool.

I guess you'd have to call this a mixed review, but I am really happy that WWE Heroes even exists, and I'm confident it'll get better with each issue.

Before I forget, Happy Birthday, Undertaker!!!
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