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Mar. 25th, 2010

So I talked to the apartment manager yesterday on my way back from the comic bookstore. She said she'd post a sign reminding people not to smoke in the building. I didn't mention my suspicion about a dog, mainly because I think I was mistaken -- one of my new neighbors has a newborn and maybe I mistook baby sounds for dog sounds.

Anyway, I got a notice from the apartment manager this morning stating that my lease is up the end of April. If I renew it, the rent goes up $20 a month. Same as last year. I don't know if there's an upper limit to how much rent they can charge on this apartment (I intend to ask), but if there's not, five years after I first took this apartment, it'll cost $100 more a month to rent it. That's ridiculous since the apartment itself hasn't changed and I know inflation isn't that bad.