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I haven't even started on Melissa's birthday present yet and I'm already planning her Christmas present. Can you say addicted? I knew you could.

I got my Christmas presents from Bobby and Linds yesterday. They gave me that Lost in Austen on DVD and the books Dead to Me by Anton Strout and Contrary to Popular Belief by Joey Green. All three of those were on my Amazon wishlist. Strangely, they ordered the stuff through Barnes & Noble. :-) I'm assuming the prices were better.

Did I mention I got a DVR? Well, we all know I have an addictive personality. It manifests itself in this case by recording everything I'm even remotely interested in. I'm going to fill this sucker up before the month's over, I'm just betting. Thank God for "erase now."

Season 2 of Spike's Deadliest Warrior started this week! Don't look at me like that -- I'm a history buff who can appreciate the beauty of a well-designed weapon. Besides, there were some cute guys on the show in Season 1, so I'm hoping for more eye candy in Season 2. :-)
Tags: crafts, crushes, family, gifts, melissa
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