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Happy Fall, Y'all!

Okay, technically, it's not Fall until later this month, but it's September, and in my world, even early September means Fall. The weather is slowly starting to agree with me -- I actually had to wear a jacket on my way to work yesterday morning.

Herrschner's is having a Labor Day Sale. Got 40% off a cross-stitch kit I wanted. Of course, since it's for me, that means I probably won't even start it until at least this time next year. Blue Tape Productions is filling up for next year too.

BB's birthday was Monday. From the looks of the pics on her mother's Facebook, she likes the Barbie and doll clothes I gave her.

So I finally got my two fillings Wednesday. Part of my jaw still hurts sometimes, so that makes me wonder exactly what the hell the dentist was doing, besides letting the hygienist gag me with the suction wand.