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Happy Halloween!

Dear, dear firelion made me a Halloween bracelet! It's two black cats, two grinning jack-o-lantern, and a little ghost, all in beads. Too cute and too cool!

I hope you all saw Sherlock on PBS last Sunday. If not, why the heck not? Well, you have a chance to watch the second one tonight and the last one next Sunday. Then the Tuesday after that, the DVD comes out. This Sherlock is slightly more polite than you'd expect a modern-day Sherlock to be. Still brilliant, and thankfully he doesn't use cocaine (at least, not in the first episode). He's a texting fiend, which I think is perfectly in character. And I want to run my fingers through his curly black hair like you wouldn't believe. I'll post more on the series sometime after tonight's episode.
Tags: holidays, holmes, melissa
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