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My brand-new home computer! I just bought it Wednesday. It's a 2010 HP Pavilion with a flat 20 inch monitor. So it's the same kind of computer I had, just 10 years newer. I'm still getting used to the wide screen and the flat keyboard. Now I can do all sorts of stuff at home that I could only do before on my work computer or Mom and Dad's home computer. Yay!!!

Let's play catch-up. I finished Melissa's Christmas present Tuesday and sent it UPS yesterday. I'm still working on the one for the Cardinal Event, but it looks like that won't be done in time. After that comes Melissa's birthday present, then I need to finish the ones I've started but haven't completed yet.

I think I need to buy one more gift (I'll get it this weekend) then I am done for the December/January gift shopping. February/March gift shopping will commence soon.

Last weekend, I managed to burn over two dozen cookies. My bad luck with food followed me into Monday, where I burned two bagels. I'm surprised the damn smoke detector didn't go off.

Rachel keeps bugging me to see the latest Harry Potter movie. I'll see it in the theater if someone goes with me. I hate seeing movies by myself.

ETA: Totally forgot to mention it's Bobby's birthday! Happy Birthday, bro!