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As Seen On TV

Okay, I am the world's worst impulse buyer. Whether it's stuff at the ends of the store aisles or the stuff by the register, I can't resist at least looking.

I'm especially susceptible to As Seen On TV stuff. Not that I've called the number that comes up during the commercial. But I do tend to buy the stuff when I see it on store shelves or in catalogs later. Snuggie? Got it in red. "One Size Fits All" is actually "One Size Fits Everyone Except Plus-Size People." Last I saw, it's at my parents' house, covering their leather sofa (leather gets really cold in the winter). Fushigi contact juggling ball? I asked Mark to get me one for Christmas or my birthday. From the reviews I've read on Amazon, it'll take lots of practice, and I won't have much time for that for the next x number of months, but eventually. Twin Draft Guard? I actually have a need for that one, it's on my door now. The Wonder-Hangers work great in my closet, I should get more. I have a Total Pillow, I just haven't found the best use for it yet. I bought a box of UGlue but ended up giving it to my dad. I'll have to ask if he's tried it yet. I bought Mighty Mendit but it's not intended for the reason I bought it. I did try the Turbo Snake on my clogged sink a while back. Didn't work. The HDVision sunglasses worked great, though I couldn't wear them and my earmuffs at the same time -- too much pressure around my ears. The Smooth-Away hair-removal kit works, but shaving works much better. I considered the iRenew bracelet but ultimately decided it's probably a silicon placebo. Yes, I can resist the commercials sometimes. I'm sure there's more As Seen On TV stuff floating around my place, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

And in case you're wondering, yes, when I was a kid, I fell for all the BS in the toy commercials.