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If I wish everyone a Happy First Official Day of Winter, is the sarcasm obvious? At least the days will slowly get longer.

Happy Birthday, Kalob!

Two years from today is the so-called Mayan Apocalypse. I plan on having a big party for my birthday two years from tomorrow -- a "The World Didn't End And Everyone Who Thought It Was Going To Is An Idiot" party. Of course, by then I'm sure the end-of-the-world nuts will have come up with a new date.

If anyone needs some last-minute gift ideas for your favorite fantasy fan (or yourself), I totally recommend the October Daye series by Seanan McGuire. Yes, I've mentioned those books on this journal several times before, but that just shows how much I love them. The books are available in paper, e-book, and audio form. And don't forget about the Toby Daye-inspired line of perfume at Conjure Oils (of course if you order those now they won't be in for Christmas, but they'd be great Valentine's Day gifts). You gotta love a series of books that's set half in Northern California and half in the land of Faerie, stars a female knight/PI who's half-human and half-fae, has a love-interest (I hope!) who's half-fae and half-cat, and has a pet who's half-cat and half-rosebush. Yes, that's a lot of halves, but it makes for a great whole. ;-)

Hey, firelion, did you get your present?


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Dec. 22nd, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
The word for that present is "squee"!!!!
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