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Christmas/Birthday Haul!

Mom and Dad
Princess Diana/Kate Middleton ring (I wore this to Midnight Mass last night. The little Diamonique stones sparkle like nobody's business.)
Midnight Apatite ring (I also wore this last night. Very pretty.)
Christmas Kitty PJs (I'm wearing those now.)
Coffee Lover PJs
Read My Pins, Madeleine Albright (Great book, finished it in one day.)
White Collar Season One (I'm planning a New Year's marathon.)
"If On A Winter's Night," Sting (It's playing right now. His voice has changed a lot since his Police days, but it's still good.)

Aunt 1¢
Brass and blue crystals necklace (from Artfire.com)

Garden Gate cross-stitch kit
crystals-and-beads necklace

I'm still waiting for gifts from Bobby and Linds (last I heard, they haven't mailed theirs yet) and Mark (I don't think he's bought them yet). I'll update this list as I get them.
Tags: birthdays, books, gifts, holidays, melissa
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