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I have an Excel chart showing all of my cross-stitch projects that lists recipients, occasions, whether or not I've started, and whether or not I've finished. I keep updating, and the list keeps getting longer.

I was working on "Floral Retreat" for the Cardinal Event, but it was taking a lot longer than I'd planned. Donations are due February 5th, and I know I won't have it done in time. So, that one's on hold. I'll probably end up doing it for Cardinal Event 2012. Right now, I'm working on Melissa's birthday present. Yes, I know her birthday isn't until this summer. After what happened with her last birthday present, I need all the time I can get.

I've decided cross-stitch is a lot like an impressionist painting -- best admired from a distance. Upclose, you notice the individual stitches rather than the picture as a whole. It's also a lot like a mosaic -- each square is done one at a time.