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I swear, USPS dropped the ball. Melissa sent my Christmas and Birthday presents Dec 17, according to the packaging. They arrived yesterday. I know the Postal Service is busy during Christmas, but this is ridiculous. At least they arrived in good condition.

But enough bitching out the USPS. What'd I get?

For my Birthday, she gave me a counted cross-stitch kit -- Garden Gate. I've had my eye on it for a while.

For Christmas, she made me a gorgeous bead-and-crystal necklace. I plan to wear it to the Cardinal Event in March (that is, if we're going).

She really outdid herself this year.

Speaking of the Cardinal Event, I was going to donate Floral Retreat but didn't get it done. Instead, I bought five of Josh Groban's CD's ("Josh Groban," "Closer," "Awake," "Illuminations," and "Noel") and a DVD of the Chess concert, so I'll donate them. Maybe next year I can donate something I made.
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