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Let's play Current Events.

1) How am I doing on this year's resolutions?

Buy fewer books, DVDs, CDs, and cross-stitch patterns/kits.
I haven't bought much lately. I do have some books coming in that I pre-ordered months ago. I did start reading one of the books in my TBR pile today -- Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson. I'd seen the Lifetime TV movie during the holidays (it's saved on my DVR) but now I'm finally actually reading the book. So far, the book is actually better than the movie. That's unusual, since I normally think that whichever version I encounter first is superior. I did get one new CD recently, The Green Children's "Encounter." It's good, and I used points at Amazon, so I only paid 2 cents.

Swear less.
I'm trying.

Exercise more.
It's been too cold in my apartment to get on the treadmill. Hopefully, maintenance will fix that this week.

Write at least one story.
No time.

2) What cross-stitch project am I working on?

Melissa's birthday present. It's slow going.

3) Who's my crush du jour?

Adam Copeland, WWE's Edge. I read on WrestleZone that he plans to retire next year. I hope he reconsiders, he's one of the best all-around showmen in the WWE.

4) What shows am I watching?

Besides WWE's RAW and Smackdown and TruTV's World's Dumbest, I'm thoroughly enjoying NBC's The Cape and Syfy's US version of Being Human. My DVR, on the other hand, can barely keep up on Monday nights. (I haven't told it about Dancing With The Stars restarting in March.) Thank God for the encore episode of Being Human.

5) What shows am I looking forward to?

WWE Tough Enough starts on USA in April. Also that month, The Borgias starts on Showtime.
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