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My eventful afternoon.

Let's see. Had a serious discussion about sales tax with Dad over Burger King. Then went to my Physician's Assitant to get a prescription for the sweet, sweet drugs to combat the allergy-triggered sinus infection I've been dealing with for what feels like months. Antibiotics and Allegra, ho!

I can't believe I had to pay $87 for 5 antibiotics, 30 Allegra, a box of Mucinex, and a box of Aleve. Rip. Off. At least the Allegra 30-day refills will only be $5 a piece.

When I got back here, the first thing I noticed was the smell -- I thought it was new wood, but I'm now convinced it's glue. The second thing I noticed was that my warm-weather comforter was no longer running along the bottom of my sliding glass door. It turns out the "window guys" had finally come to weather-strip that door and my bedroom window. Now it's not so frickin' cold in here. Hooray for modern technology!

I then dropped by the apartment manager's office to get a package -- Zombiesque, an anthology edited by Stephen L. Antczak, James C. Bassett, and Martin H. Greenberg. Yes, I've read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (both the novel and the comic book), but what made me buy this book was the story Gimme A "Z"! by Seanan McGuire. Besides writing the awesome October Daye urban fantasy series, she writes the kick-ass Newsflesh political zombie trilogy as Mira Grant. Gimme A "Z"! is the perfect gateway story for anyone new to Seanan/Mira.

Seanan is also a prolific singer/songwriter. I have 4 of her CD's (three are available at CDBaby) and I just love them.
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