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Long time, no post.

Sorry, my hands are usually holding a needle and embroidery hoop when I'm not working. Yes, that means I'm still working on Melissa's birthday present. Counted cross-stitch starts from the center and you work your way to the edges. Melissa's present is a rectangle -- I've reached the top edge, the right edge, and finished the top right corner. I'm currently working my way to the bottom right corner and the bottom edge. With luck (and maybe a few 48-hour days), I'll be done on time.

The cherry tree outside my backdoor is about a week or two away from blooming. I await this every Spring now. If I had a camera (or a phone that takes decent pictures), I'd show you the progression from naked tree to full bloom. Maybe next year.

I need to post my review of seanan_mcguire's Late Eclipses, but I can't seem to find anything to say without spoiling a lot. Give me another week and maybe I'll get a coherent, spoiler-free review together. Can I just say for now that it's damn good?