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Yeah, I know. Long time, no post.

First, I was busy with my stitching. In June, I hurt a muscle in my left arm. Earlier this month, I did enough stitching to aggrivate it. So now I'm not stitching for a month and hopefully, my arm will be back to normal.

The Christmas present I was working on for Bobby and Linds will probably now be Lindsey's birthday present, the birthday present for Mom that was thisclose to being done might be her Christmas present, and I don't know if I'll be able to finish Melissa's Christmas present in time. IIRC, it's around half-done.

I watched all of The Bachelorette and I'm now watching Bachelor Pad. Strange, screwed up shows, but they're good mindless television. DWTS starts Sep 19, I can't wait.
Tags: crafts, dwts
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