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How can you tell it's October? I spend a bit too much on Halloween-themed BPAL perfume oils. But supporting small businesses is important in this economy. I also just ordered a charity scent, so that's good karma, right? :-)

I have no idea what I'm doing for Halloween. I think I'll re-wear one of my old costumes.

DWTS is going well. I'm giving multiple votes to Chaz & Lacey, Carson & Anna, and JR & Karina and single votes to Tony & Chynna and Maks & Hope. I'm thinking of giving votes to David & Kym even though she's already won twice and I didn't want to give votes to any new pros or any pros who've already won. Right now, I think the final three will be JR & Karina (who I expect to win), Tony & Chynna, and Derek & Ricki (they'd better not win, he's won three times already).

I'm eagerly awaiting Grimm on NBC (starts Oct 21) and Once Upon A Time on ABC (starts Oct 23). Fairytale-themed TV shows on network television? I am so there.

Still working on various Christmas presents. It's definitely shaping up to be a Cross-Stitch Christmas.
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