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Today I watched a couple of DVDs I haven't seen before -- Exit Through the Giftshop and the Clash of the Titans remake. Exit was interesting. Banksy's art fascinates me, but wow does Thierry come across as OCD.

The Clash of the Titans remake was ... thought-provoking. First, I wondered why anyone would want to remake that movie, but I guess deep down, we all like the Greek myths. My first complaint was that the writers screwed with Perseus' story. His mother was the king's daughter, not his wife, and she survived the trip in the coffin. If the writers weren't going to keep to the myth, why didn't they keep to the original movie? I will admit Io was a good character to bring in. But it's weird that (*spoiler*) Perseus ends up with her instead of Andromeda. Then there's Hades. I don't know where the idea of Hades wanting to overthrow his brother Zeus came from. It certainly wasn't in the original myths, as far as I can tell. The first time I saw this angle was with Disney's Hades. The Hades of the myths was content with his role as lord of the Underworld. As much as I love Ralph Fiennes (he needs to call me), he was totally channeling Voldemort in this movie. Speaking of the gods, we barely heard anything from the other Olympians besides Poseidon and Apollo. I couldn't tell for sure who any of the goddesses were. Their costumes were neat, though. What wasn't neat was Zeus and Hades' hair and beards. I know Zeus was portrayed with long hair and a beard, but somebody overdid it. Especially with Hades'. It was good to see Siddig El Fadil as Hermes in one of the deleted scenes (I can't think of him as Alexander Siddig). Oh, and Medusa having a bow and arrow? Seems unfair. She had her eyes, wasn't that enough? I did like that she forbade any women from coming near her.

I know there's a sequel in the works, but according to IMDB, Io's gone and they've replaced half the cast. I may have to sit out that one.