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A little of this and a little of that.

Our washing machine broke down over the weekend. A repairman came by yesterday. He said that it needs a new part, which won't be available till Saturday. A whole fraggin' week without more clean clothes. Ugh... Thankfully, Mom and I are going shopping tonight.

I watched Monster House last night. Viking House this week. The projects were interesting, but on that show there's almost always at least one guy who's not going with the flow. This time it was one of the carpenters. Steve got into a huge argument with him, and the other four workers basically voted him off. Yeah, it was Survivor House. Still, Steve's fight with the guy wasn't nearly as enjoyable as when Steve chewed out Kent (I think that was his name), the lazy tile guy from Sultan House.

Before MH, I saw the tail-end of the Mythbusters episode with the tree cannon. I've seen that one before, but it's always hilarious watching Jamie and Adam get drunk in the middle of the afternoon at a police crime lab, of all places, just to test the various things that supposedly help you cheat a breathalyzer test. (In case you're curious, nothing worked.)

Queer Eye's on tonight. It's the unaired pilot. Carson and Ted are there (which means Rachel and I will be satisfied), but Kyan, Thom, and Jai are not. Of course, lots of QE fans complain that Jai doesn't do much anyway, so it's not like his absence will be noticable.

Heard there's going to be a QEFTSG spin-off, this one having three gay stylists make-over a straight woman. They haven't decided if the stylists will be men or women. Still, it should be interesting.

I still haven't seen Hellboy. I've read mostly positive reviews, the worst one comparing it to LXG, which I actually liked. Hopefully, I'll see it either this weekend or next.
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